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Will My New Smart Meter Interfere with My Garage Door Openers

Most Garage door openers in use today operate at a frequency between 300 MHz and 400 MHz. Garage door openers have an effective range of about 100 feet, and a typical remote control sends out a very weak radio signal. There are numerous things that may interfere with a garage door opener and reduce the distance from your garage that your remote control will work from. Interference comes from devices that produce radio frequencies at or close to the frequency that your garage door opener operates at. If you have a garage door opener that operated at 315 MHz, then any device that produces radio frequencies at this  frequency will interfere with your garage door opener, and potentially block the signal from your remote control unless you are very close to your garage door opener. Door Pro has customers that have had the range reduced on their remote controls from, built in vacuum systems, battery charges, television satellite receivers, security alarm systems and fluorescent light fixtures. In most cases when eliminating the source of the interfering radio transmissions is not practical, then converting the garage door opener to operate at a different frequency usually solves the problem.

The smart meters being installed in BC operate at 902 Р928 MHz, a frequency much higher that the frequency range used by garage door openers. If you are experiencing reduced range with your garage door remote control it may be due to a weak battery, a remote control that is operating at the wrong frequency (this sometimes happens with age or if a remote control is dropped)  or an opener that has a defective receiver, and is unable to receive the signal sent by the remote control.

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